Community day : Bagon - Discussion


Bagon is now April’s community day.

I am excited!


Good to see the english in game announcement… I got the german one and its headline was “Katapultiere Dich durchs Wochenende” (means about the same as the english one)… Considering that “Katapult” is the german name of the move Smack Down I was wondering if that’s a hint towards the CD attack…
Not sure now…


“Only” 2 times dust. Mark my Words, there Will be a secondary event during that time. Every time they gave 2 times one thing, there was an event. But when they say 3 times bonus on one thing, no extra event.


Bagon CD. Hot diggety! Will reserve final judgment until I see the rest of the announcement; the image above shows nothing about multipliers for dust, candy, distance walked, or experience points.



It says 3 times catch exp


I am not sure, Salamence doesnt learn that move. I hope it gets outrage


At least we have the 3* dust which is nice


What’s the move


don’t know yet. Anything would be better than draco meteor it’s so slow.


This should have been on sunday.
Till now we have had a Sat-Sun-Sat-Sun pattern


I guess they stopped the sunday CDs in favor of 3-6pm event times…


sigh and we are likely getting Fly…


I hope so. If they organise CD’s from 3pm-6pm on Sunday I have to miss an hour.


If it is on saturday other people will miss an hour. They should keep the alternate pattern


Actually, we have 3x XP.

I know a lot of people who are stoked to get this since they still need the gold Dragon-type medal. Me? Yes, green Dragon, please.


Yeah, Ive noticed
Well, Im going for the shiny
XP boost is… Nice, I guess? Im prepared for 2 next levels anyway
And I doubt it will get Outrage, since when they have a move that relates directly to the Mon, they go for it
So Im saying it’ll get Fly


Glad this works better for you, @Jormdeworm. Saturday afternoons do for me, too. (The earliest I can start playing on Sundays is 1pm, so I missed most of the 11-2 Sunday CDs.)




Green Dragon Hype


Was hoping for extra dust, but shiny Bagon/etc will be nice.