Collaboration part 4 - entry


Who wants to bring new ideas for pokemon GO? (Only answer poll)
This is for collaboration part 4. The first three Parts are by @Pokemon

Who wants to be part of part 4?

  • Me!
  • No, thank you.

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[edit] please also answer in this page, since i sometimes forget who the picture belongs to


@brobraam you want to make this one?


I would love to, but I have to think first.


Why?? Lol (edit: you want to think of an idea first?)


@Pokemon, I don’t have any new idea yet, what to do?


Just join and try to think of one


How about trading long distance? Or a set time limit for Pokemon in gyms? You can either not set a time limit or set one.


Who is the one with an “L” in their icon?


It looks like it’s @Luke.


I have an idea for a TM


I want to make




Next time




@Pokemon, I now have a brief idea, should I wait for your green light to post?


Ask @Brobraam.

He is the leader :wink:.

I will be the leader of part 6 I think.


Thanks @Pokemon.
@Brobraam, need your comment on this.


He is sleeping :ghost:


Guess he is in Netherlands. That’s fine, no hurry.


I’ll join, but I only have 1 idea.