Cloning Legendary Monsters


Well, yesterday a few friends and I were at our usual hangout place spinning pokestops and stuff.
One of my friend pulled out this topic.Cloning Legendary Pokemon for everybody was the worst decision niantic ever made.They are supposed to be unique and this action have destroyed the entire concept of pokémon(he is a Nintendo guy).well when it comes to think of it I too felt likewise.
What do you guys think?
Will this action somehow jeopardizes the possibility of a future end game for pogo??


You talking about the breakthroughs? or the events we been getting.


No the entire concept of duplicating legendaries…
In the main games there are only single legendaries of each…
But when it comes to pogo everybody have multiple ho ohs,lugias and stuff.


So once you catch a legendary once, no more Legendary raids?


Well u know we say that because that is the only option we have…
He was talking about a different end game mode…
Like quests…
Elite 4…
Like that…
At the current rate anyone with 12 numbers of the best legendary can take out anybody.
Which caused a downrating of pseudo legendary pokemon


I would of agreed, breakthroughs seem like a gameshark. But it’s mainly for rural players, as you see their levels are low.

And the events we been getting are marely for Shiny, i legit transfer all nonshiny birds.

idk how i would feel only catching 1 legendary, i almost never power them up, and almost never catch more than 5. Regis caught 2 -5 except for Regi ice which was the first one. I do it more for xp.

Idk how ill feel atm…idc for legendaries to want alot…but i like raiding them for xp. What would replace their raids?


Well quest and elite 4 to me seems to be something totally different from what this topic was saying. “cloning legendaries” or catching more than 1🤷🏾‍♂️

edit- Plus…there is no end game. Except for Pokedex completion. :man_shrugging:t5:


@Gary_oak and @Pokemon I just wanted to say Totally Awesome. You 2 it seems like you have similar ideas has me. It seems like you also want POGO to less like POGO and more Like the Cartoon or the Games.:cowboy_hat_face::sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face::thinking::thinking::thinking::cowboy_hat_face:


Well we discussed something different…
Rather than letting a trainer catch a legendary they could have arranged random wild encounters which awards enormous dust and xp as per the encounter time…or till the legendary fleds


So more of a quest mode, story mode. Less “fixed” raids.

@Law2010 the point of Pokemon Go is not to be like the series game. :man_shrugging:t5: It could of been that way, but to me its way to late for that. It would be a totally different game.


i have made topics for elite 4 theme “battles” and even “gym” battles with story and even new gym “leaders”

But for them to take out all Legendary raids, idk how to feel about that.


Yeah… I agree…
It’s too late…
Nothing can be done…
But you know 90 s generation grew up with this franchise…
So it is quite intense for some people…


Thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Sorry I mixed up elite4 in this topic. But it was solely to highlight all those would be easy with a bunch of these legendaries we have…


@Gary_oak @5GodLink and @Law2010 you are awesome


Thank you mate!


I am from the 90’s i am Gen1er. I dont like the new gens much.

my elite 4 topic: Elite 4 themed quest

But to fully take away a level of raid for story would be a major change. Even the lower levels would be taken out. Would help out rurals i suppose. But i believe with this function being the “new” 2016 way it seems this should of been said MORE earlier, but now the masses will be fine with this.

Would be nice for more “story” and “interaction” with more “characters”


It was something…


Things made more sense. Could of stopped @ Gen2 and i would of been happy with that. But i am happy Pokemon lasted as long as it did.


To come back to this point:

This is when Elite 4 depends on your own lvl/cp/pokemon/status

The Elite 4 would reflect all those attributes and be strong enough to fight your “account” all Elite 4 would be different for everyone depending on level / your highest cp pokemon / your pokedex completion / and how many medals you have, to determine the Elite 4 difficulty.