Circles have changed!?



It’s never been this small…


It’s like impossible now to get a excellent…


I did in the time dunsparce was like way smaller i threw exxcelent


I feel like this happened a while ago but I’m not sure as I haven’t seen Rhyhorn/Dunsparce in forever


It’s been like that for a while now


I see 10 rhyhorn a day I have 650 candies. @Cup and @Mapman42


I don’t see them much


That’s weird. Might be because I live in a desert.


Yea here you see maybe 1 or 2 a month


Haha. You ready for rhyperior? He way better than rhydon.


Yup got about 280 candy


I have 100 IV 3000 cp ready.


Wow the best one I got 89 and 2700


I live in a quite hilly region but not much rock types to be seen.


Then you don’t have to deal with the dreadful rhyhorn circle :sweat_smile:


Spinarak has a similarly annoying circle


For things like that I just curve my ball and hope to get my 160 xp. I’m not going to fall into it’s web (trap)


It’s been a while like this. I saw many Rhyhorn in a day, but still struggle on excellent throw.


It’s soooooo hard.


ya, I still catch it for stardust and hope for stronger Rhyperior.