Christmas Event Gen 4 Spawns?


Skorupi popped up down the street. Threw on my shoes, jumped into my truck, and went to nab it. lol


500 snover rip


I had an opportunity to get a Finneon, but it wasn’t even there for four minutes then it despawned. I was livid.


4 Croagunk suddenly I had them spawning like crazy. AND it was after the end of the event…
Also a total of 8 Skorupi.
Caught a snover after the event ending.
Also got myself a little Finneon.


Just saw this pop up…


As I had hoped, the new Gen 4 might have a better spawn rate with the ice stuff now all gone.


Only shiny a female snorunt which I evolved and is sitting at a gym that isnt touched to much. Shiny pikachu, 5hat elusive mofo, still dont have it, but at least I have a few more electric types to attack with LOL.


I finally caught a Finneon! All that is missing is its evolution and the hatches I didn’t get from this past event, namely Mantyke and Chingling. I got ripped off in the hatching department.


Finally caught enough Skorupi and evolved one.


Caught a Finneon tonight!

Also caught a Bronzor!

… and THREE Croagunk! Matter of fact, I actually saw five Croagunks, but two ran. lol


Caught first Crogunk last night. After event ended.


Croagunk is everywhere in Cloudy Weather here. I think I caught five Croagunk in just one hour today.


Caught 4 more today


@Jormdeworm, you are fast.

Caught one more Croagunk today, still have a long way to go before evolving it


I used rare candy on my Bronzar to turn to Bronzong and now Croagunk is my buddy.


A second Finneon tonight. Safe to say they’ve all been added to the spawn pool.


Finally got my first finneon


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Christmas event is gone.