Christmas Event Gen 4 Spawns?


Now I’m the last?


A friend and I were watching TV last night and they randomly checked their game … and … Bronzor up the street! We dropped everything and went and caught it. FINALLY!

… and then another one popped up at Target this morning, so I’ve now nabbed two. lol

NOW you’re the last one, @Pokemon:stuck_out_tongue:

… unless you count Finneon because I haven’t seen one of those … yet …


I still haven’t even seen a Finneon yet.


No Finnion for me yet either. Don’t even know what it looks like either. Didn’t know what a Bronzer was either until today. Now it’s my buddy.


The Finneon line is the only one that has eluded me so far in the wild. Still trying to hatch Mantyke and Chingling.


Don’t have either of those. I just wanted a Munchlax and haven’t gotten that.


@bobbyjack8, is that your first Bronzor? 12 candies already?


Hurry up @Pokemon :wink:


I have not seen Finneon in gyms in my area yet, so I guess it is very rare in my area


What i got so far(If hatched before I’ll skip it here): 1 Munchlax (7k egg). 1 Magby (7k egg). 6 Skorupi. 0 Croagunk (it ran after 1 ball). 1 Budew(egg).

Finneon, Mantyke, Bronzor, Chingling. Non of these I saw or hatched jet.

Croagunk keeps slipping trough the net. 1 seen, but it ran. Most of the time it is gone before I got to it.


Nope still don’t have it


I got 2 Bronzers yesterday. Luckily today I finally hatched a Munchlax.


Caught a Croagunk in the parking lot at work today! :o


I want shiny Delibird before it’s gone. Niantic should increase shiny rate during New Year celebration.


Caught two more Skorupi today. The spawn rate seems to have increased in my area.


Niantic gave me shiny Delibird as a present for New Year. It’s a miracle! :gift:


Update time for the Xmas realeases.
Bucket loads of Delibird, Santa Hat Pikachu and Snover. To be honest I’m at the stage where I’ll be happy to see these Poke Ball muncha’s gone.
1 Shiny Santa Hat Pikachu
Can’t belive I haven’t got a Shiny Delibird as my candy count has gone from 240 to over 100K for 0 Shiny.
After Go Plusing a Skorupi and thinking this might be the only one I might get as I’d done 5hrs of Lures on a 3 Stop giving none I had 3 more and a Croagunk come out in the same set of Lures in a 3hr session. One of the Skorupi Dusted me off.
No further appearances of either in another 4hrs of Lures since that one 30min period or random in the Wild.


Yeah, I’m just as shocked about my lack of shiny Delibird too. I’ve caught SO many! lol


I had Croagunk run on me yesterday. Only one I’d seen so far.


Just caught a Croagunk in the wild while out raiding.


Snover: 119
Skorupi: 3 (2 wild, 1 hatched)
Croagunk: 3 (2 wild, 1 hatched)
Bronzor: 2
Finneon: 0

70+ 7K eggs hatched so far and not a single Chingling, Mantyke, or Munchlax. Ridiculous.