Cheltenham, England


Hey guys, I’m new here and I’m looking for people based in Cheltenham to do raids and also add as friends. I hope I’m posting in the correct way and in the right place, like I said new here and also have never really been on a forum before. Looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


Welcome I know there are a lot of members from your area maybe not your exact area but the towns around you it is nice to meet you and welcome to go hub


That’s cool, I’ve found it hard meeting people that play it. Hoping to change that here, hoping to be able to get some raids done as I always miss out on them because I can’t do them on my own. Thanks for the warm welcome


Three weeks ago i was in borehamwood… but i wont be returning to England anytime soon :confused: i live on the other side of the “pond” of the North sea


Maybe @JoshHack but he hasnt been online for a while : (


That’s a shame, still it’s nice to have people with the same interest. I care for my disabled mother so I don’t get a chance to travel too much for hunting but I try as much as I can. I have to be honest there’s still a lot that I have to learn about the game, I’m level 33 but most of that was done on release so raids and the such are still quite new to me


Well if you have any questions there’s a lot of people on here that are very knowledgeable and have you ever looked at the Silph you may be able to find a Discord there you can join in your local community