Charge move Psychic has been changed


The psychic type charge move Psychic has been changed to 2 bars with 90 damage, which is the same as Psystrike at a glance, which is better if DPS, cool down, damage window, and others are factored in?


So wait, you mean to tell me that Psychic just got a whole lot better?


Looks like Niantic read my mind, its just what I wanted.


Tell me that pun was intentional.


I’d bet that one was intended lol


The changes are big so it seems:



Psystrike is still better though, which I expected, but yeah, it makes other Psychic-users more scary. My 98% Espeon just got a lot better.


Yes, Its intentional, did you read my mind too ?


It does seem to be going around.


Psychic would be the best non-exclusive psychic type charge move