Challenge someone


Are there two Trainers who want to do one Ultra League Battle so I can collect my Electrike Research Task?


Send me a challenge. I’ll be on the PoGo screen


Ill challenge you now


Nvm i wont than we would become best friends :joy:


@Brobraam @bobbyjack8 battle? (I’ll be using low CP Pokémon only so it goes faster.)


I’m still up for battle


I’ll challenge you.


I clicked on your challenge and it said you cancelled it.


I’ve sent another one @bobbyjack8


I just clicked on it and it disappeared. I’ll send you one.


I got rare candy. How many do you have to do?


Completed the Electrike Research task but I have yet to do another six Trainer Battles for Jirachi so if you want to do more PvP Battles just send a request. Also thanks :smiley:




Got a Sinnoh Stone that time. Are you going to try?


If there’s still anyone who wants to battle me just send a request.


Is anyone interested in the battle?


Yea but we got to be ultra friends


Please battle me. I am Makoto847


Anyone in the DC area please challenge me. I am Makoto847


I live 80 miles from DC.