Challenge someone


Just challenged you


F yo Shiny Kyogre!




Just sent you request


I just did my 3rd battle. Do you need another?


I already did 3 battles today before battling you


Cool. I forgot about doing battles and got a bunch of requests today while I was driving. I pulled over and did one. That is why I requested two more tonight. Got dust on all them.


Free dust


Yep. Can’t complain about free dust. I just complained on my local Discord about people not opening my gifts because I couldn’t send out any more presents. So a bunch did open them and I was able to send rest out.


Up for a battle?

(I sending gifts almost every day. I might forget a day or skip the Sunday to leave a spot for the adventure sync reward. Spun 234 stops so far this week, so I’m loaded on gifts.)


No, I’m going to sleep now, but I’ll be up in about 7 hours to fight.


Have a good night than. See you later :blush:






Brobraam wants to battle!


maybe in 10 minutes. I’ll let you know.




Something came up, still here?
I’m now on my way to Pathé Scheveningen.




I can’t battle @Brobraam for at least 2 weeks