Challenge someone


I’m like that everyday it’s fun right


I put Grateful Dead into Pandora and somehow it wound up playing Skid Row 18 and Life to Go so now I’m on the skid row station f***ing awesome


My daughter had these crazy dreams and I sort of back out. If she had those, I must be making crazy dreams legit.


My daughter has started to love Dead and Company.


Everytime I try to listen to it always get sidetracked and listen to something else one day hopefully I’ll give it a real listen


She always gets sidetracked and the sound of the music pulls her, towards something better.


That’s good that you know what can make her Focus and as far as dreams go I very rarely dream don’t know if that’s normal or not


@Mew1 @5GodLink sup


You on?


@cup, battle? We have been “Slaking” on advancing our in game friendship level recently, lol


@5GodLink @Mew1 yAll still on


are you @cup




Are you now???


okay starting up


Ok send it


@Cup, battle?


Getting closer to being able to challenge @Cup, @HLAJR, or @Pokemon:smiley:


How many more days we got


7 more day to me and @Kevin_v_Hoften to ultra friend