Celebi special research announced!



They say if you dont have registeel go and get one and dont wait so long next time, i see this as an insult to rurals


In this comments they only think in the mayority… the best is to ignore this parts.


Maybe they should add a rural section?


I think its better we stay all together, instead to go in a Ghetto.

If we don’t hear about the problems of others, we can’t help each other.


Registeel stinks. I only got 1 for Pokedex. Don’t plan to get more than 1 Regirock either.


Well if you cant get it in 1 month, youre most likely not ever going to get it…


how was that an insult, they are reminding you to get it before you dont get a chance.


They say: dont wait so long next time
Which i see as an insult


Regirock will last longer they said
So i hope im able to get it now
Then i only need regice