Celebi Rewards!



The rewards for stage six are out, and you receive the silver pinap, (I would assume everyone will use these while catching pokemon) and 5 of them!


So, a new berry is out! What is your thoughts?


I would to use it on Celebi but doubt ill be able to use items. ill save it for Garchomp.


Garchomp raids and Mewtwo raids will give the Silver Pinap lots of use.


More candy more level more power. Love it.


More level? You mean easier catch rate?


Didnt wanna say Cp๐Ÿง so level is stats/cp


It increases stats???


Just cp๐Ÿ˜…


It does? Where did you find this???


No, it doubles the candy and increases the catchrate by 80% (if I remember correctly, Razz is 50% and golden Razz doubles it)


ouu 80%


Oh, so not as high catch rate as the golden razz?


I dont think so, although I dont remember the exact stats for Razz berries
But I think it should be better than regular Razz

Perfect for catching weak legends, too bad they will probably only be availible from quests


They will? Who knows, maybe completing stage 6 would allow them to be released in stops, with the rarity of a Max Potion.


Doubt they would only give us a limited ammount, and I doubt they will release them from raids (maybe give us at least 5 guaranteed Silver Pinaps per Breakthrough?)


I am definitely saving them.


He means more candy to power up his pokemon. The berry doesnt boost any stats.


Hello rob.


How will we get it outside of the quest? I hope itโ€™s a pokestop thing. Raids not really doable here.