Catching Celebi in Rio de Janeiro



Congrats, you have done a good and fast work.

@5GodLink, seems he has been faster :rofl::rofl:


Impossible, 7 day stops in a row


Even i want to know that. I did 3 days in 1 day…lol


congratulations @matheusmt10 your a true time traveler.


i know what he must of done to get it 1 day early😇 tricky tricky


Hmmm, Tricky as in you might get banned tricky?:thinking:


no, you can’t be banned.


You can.


I’m catching mine by 7Am Est tmrw


It will take more than a week for me, IF I can trade in 1 or 2 days.


Lol, he is catching it with 1% left :laughing:. Had to catch it quick :fire::fire::fire:


You on Valor @matheusmt10?


Yeah, I’m valor. Even with the powerbank the battery decreases lol


Same, me to. Valor for the win :fire::fire::fire:. You time travel?


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Valor FTW. Yeah, funny that the attitude matches a lot with the award Pokémon


:tada::fire: @matheusmt10 has made Valor proud


I knew he was Valor. It was my “Instinct”. :laughing::rofl: