Can't buy Pokecoins


I’m still waiting, it isn’t in the shop here


Still not in the Google Play Store, but I’ve downloaded it from a mirror.

Well, same situation, no coins available in the shop.


The only thing left to do is contact Niantic. Don’t know what else is left to do otherwise.


Maybe, put the phone again on fabric starting point, and install everything again.
But I’m a little bit lazy to do something so brute force, things don’t have to be so difficult.


This has happened to me as well, just noticed it last night. This happened once before after an event I believe but it fixed itself eventually.


The problem is exactly this, I’m shure it will be fixed “eventually”… :tired_face:


log out of google play and back in again.

If that doesn’t work, try downloading and installing the latest version of google play services.


It came back after the update today for a few hours then it went away again.


The strange thing is that I find little too no info on this. So it seems that it isn’t an issue of the masses.

Twitter and Reddit are pretty silent about it.



I would think it would be only the people who put actual money into the game that notice. I do have an older phone so that could be part of it, but I’m not sure. Compared to the rest of the game it isn’t that much of a big deal to me personally.