Candy And Dust Needed since new Update


I had a bit of a search for an already existing thread to post this in but can’t seem to find one so I have to start a new one unless the good mods know of one and can transfer/join.
Since the new update came with a change in Level for Powering up your Pokemon I thought it would be handy for all to know what you now need for maxing out any Raid or Egg Hatch Pokemon.
For those that may not know, all Pokemon hatched from Eggs or Raids are a L20 Pokemon regardless of what their IV/CP is.
The total Star Dust and Candy now required to Power up to now what game calls L40 without any glitches or cheat method is:
225000 Star Dust
248 Candy

Bang for buck Power Up to L30 is now:
75000 Stardust
66 Candy

Previous vales for L39.5 were:
205000 Star Dust
218 Candy.
I find this info handy as rather than storing Rare Candy I throw them at Legendary Pokemon I want to Power Up to full. Once I reach the Candy Value I look for my next one I’d like to Power Up. I need every bit of my bag space to play the game the way I do without constantly being desperate for some item that’s all but run out. I can’t afford to stock pile Rares in my Bag Storage.


Its still the same as before, you can just power it up twice, but seeing how it doesnt change much yet costs so much its pointless to max out anything unless its your 100IV fave or you already have millions of dust


It is not pointless. A higher level Pokémon takes less damage from a lower level Pokémon and deals out higher damage to a lower level. This gives value to powering up Pokémon beyond level 30. I agree you should reserve it for high IV Pokémon but there is value.


The damage barely increases, and the recieved damage decreases very slowly as well, its not worth this much stardust and candy


Even with 100IV Pokemon, the change is minimal but the price is huge


Damage Floor


Just wanted to show others what they will be up for. There are many ways to play the game.
Each individual player will make up there own mind weather its worth doing or not according to their own playing style.