Can you already get shadow Pokémon under lvl 40?


As a lvl 38, can I already get them?


Yes, I’m level 39 and saw a PokeStop that was under control of Team Rocket.


I read a few minutes ago it’s open to everyone now.


Is this some kind of event or is it a new feature?


Don’t know yet


It’s a new feature most likely being available forever.


‘available’ implies it might be avoidable, too. Can players who decide the new feature is more costly than it’s worth choose not to deal with it directly (like ‘new attack’ or trading)? Or are we going to find it forced on us, the way Niantic has coerced us into using their AR features at times, whether we wanted to or not.


You get to chose the encounter by avoiding the stop, it also appears like there is an “x” that you can leave the encounter it you do spin it. (Watched videos but no firsthand experience yet)

Also Niantic has never forced you to use AR, is not as if Niantic stopped spawns or you don’t use it. They do use the AR function to unlock certain game features but it’s a overdramatic to say its coercion to have to use all functions of a game to be able to play it in its entirety.


Are you serious?

“Forced to use” could be open to different interpretations, and I suppose it could be reasonable to say they did or they didn’t. They did force the feature on several times when they introduced upgrades to it (in the effort to get us to try it).

For several days after the new upgrade to AR, every time I started the PoGo app, it would proclaim that AR was improved and ask if I wanted to try it. Even if I said ‘yes’ and after 5 minutes decided I didn’t like it and turned it off, the nagging to try it would keep coming every time I started the app. And if I clicked the ‘no, maybe later’ button, it would STILL turn on the AR, forcing me to fumble around to turn it back off.

It was a great relief, then, to notice that for the most recent AR upgrade, the invitation to try it actually paid attention and didn’t turn it on if I asked it not to.

But the photobomb features used the AR, and making special research tasks that required us to get a photobomb was forcing us to try the feature. Like they told us we could only catch Mew and Celebi if we had AR enabled… remember that?


The Special Research tasks never have been obligatory in using it…
I have all the Legendarys without using AR.
Every time they said you have to use it for the catching, and I allways have said NO, and I have them all.


I was able to catch Mew without it; but not Celebi – that stage did require AR in my case. The Mew became visible for a second every 20 seconds or so. But the Celebi did not even blink into visible mode occasionally until AR was on.

And while the game did let us play without it, it did nag me to try it every time I started the game whether I had already tried it or not, and it did turn on the AR even if I said no.

Although I suppose it’s technically accurate to say they didn’t force us, considering we could turn AR back off after it was turned on against our choice, and it has never been obligatory to play Pokémon Go in the first place.

As a notorious parser of words put it once, I guess it depends on what you mean by “is”.


Caught Celebi without the AR…
The only special quest that needs pictures is the JumpStart. And it´s just pictures, not a fight (that uses 40 times more resources from the cellphone).
The game disables AR when you say you won´t use it… the only way it enables it again, is when you open another account on the same cellphone or remove the login.
Niantic didn´t thought that people would get 100 accounts on the same cellphone…


You go out of your way to explain that you do not need it. Hence you are NOT forced anything. They encourage it at times yes, but the game doesnt break if you dont want to use it.

So no. AR isnt forced.


Is that what this is?!


Yes. Be lucky you got one because it ended for now.


??? ended for now??? I got one half an hour ago


It’s back


Yeah it just started back up this morning when we all got new quest.