Can anyone help me with some rare pokemon please


I’m trying to help my 7 year old girl who is struggling to catch rare ones and keeps getting beat in raids help would be grateful thanks



What help can we offer? Do you want tips on how to catch? On how to raid? Guess I’m not sure what you’re after.


My daughter keeps getting beaten at raids she’s finding it really hard she ain’t got hardly any friends that will help by exchanging stuff with her she just needs a bit of help


What level is she and what level of raids does she try to do?


Well, no one can do a level 4 or 5 raid without help of other trainers


Level 24 I dunno we just stop and then she trys but hasn’t been successful I think she’s trying harder raids than possible I’m not clued up on this stuff she’s asked me if I can get help to get a stronger pokemon that’s why I’ve joined this forum to see if someone will help her


The level 1 and 2 raids should be do-able then. (Those from pink raid eggs with white stripes)


OK do you know where its best to find them? I’m from Liverpool in the United Kingdom


And other people helping her to get stronger Pokemon requires trading. (Only possible between in game friends, which is easily fixed) but for trading you need to be <100m apart from each other.


Just wait till they spawn on gyms


Also, if you see a group of people being busy with their phones you can ask if you can do the raid with them.


OK thanks for the advice

#13 Can’t promise anything but did a quic google search and found this. Might be able to fun$ other players to help in the Liverpool discord channel.


Try to look for 1 or 2 star raids. These are raids with pink eggs and should be beatable if you use your highest cp pokemon.


Does “we” mean you play the game either? If so, you can do raids together which makes it easier.


Look for a group on Facebook that’s what I did