Calcy IV Update


Calcy IV recently got an update where you can see the IV of the pokemom you are catching. Look in the bottom left of this screenshot.

It worked!


I thought this feature was older


2 weeks old.
Before, it was never working and just gave a single %


Yeah ive been using this for 3 or 4 community days so its definetly older. Dont really know why they showed this like a new feature…


I know it has been out for a month I’m just showing it.


Cheers, never knew about that yet. I’ve spent most of the time on the iPhones with mine and one of the families accts that is getting close to L40 have only done daily streaks and the odd Raid on the 2 Androids with the others.


You know that you can only get Calcy on android right


I’m well aware.
I run Poke Genie on the the 2 iPhones and Calcy IV on the 2 Samsung’s.
I prefer to play on the iPhone and the Hot Spot comes from my work phone which is iPhone.


Is Calcy IV safe? I remember year ago I use one and other IV checker but then was warned by Niantic having third party software in my old PoGo account. Though it was just a reminder I did not use Calcy IV again and then use Poke Genie instead.


Calcy is safe, and PokeGenie.


Good to hear that. Though I pretty like PokeGenie’s way of getting the IVs, it really loads my 2GB phone’s RAM. So to use it, I need to appoint one day of PoGo just for it, can’t use it actively most of the time or I will just ruin my game day :rofl:


Try calcy then


I will soon…