BugChasers ( Bug Event )


Anyone here excited for the new bug swarm event ? I know I am.


Yea I want shiny siyter


I want all of the shinies lol


Meh, better than Equinox event but I dont think it’ll be too interesting
Giratina is coming to raids at that time period so the game might be somewhat fun anyway


I’m wondering if they will have the Nincada quests back again.


Shame scyther isnt red anymore.


Yup so sad


Hope to find some Combee (there´s a yellow player around here that has 5 Vespiqueen,i haven´t found a single Combee) and a shiny Scyther. And Nincada that was somewhere out during the last event.


5 Vespiqueen ? Wow


Surely that’s not all from Combee catches and Rare Candy has been used to help?
Waste of rare Candy if it was IMHO.


I’ve only got 1 Vespiqueen and 1 female Combee. Rest are all male.


I got 1 that’s it


I culled all mine bar the best IV not knowing only the Female could be evolved at the time :rofl: and of course the one I kept was Male. Caught a few more all Males now I know to check.
I did get a Female 2 days ago that while it’s not in the league I would normally evolve I might just to get the evolution done then I can take forever to get a better one which may never happen.