Bug with numerous issues in 1 town only


I live in a remote area, so when I play Pokemon, I’m usually going from town to town. Technically Hamlets I think based on population, but it’s a small cluster about 8-10min apart from one another.

Often I leave the app running, drive from one town to the other, and when I arrive I close the ‘are you a passenger’ pop-up and play.

However, and this ONLY happens for 1 town… sometimes I arrive, spin a stop and nothing. I catch a Pokemon, it escapes, it runs. Next one, same thing, and again and again… non-stop. Often, I have to force stop the game, clear the data and cache, reboot the phone and it works again, sometimes that stop is basically dead for the rest of the day.

Figured at first, maybe the old phone, but I have a new phone (6 weeks old) and had it happen again on Community day.

Not a connection issue either, since in this town, the signal is full strength because it’s where the cell tower is.

Past 2 weeks, both my niece and I are having connection issues, where we’re in the game and stuff vanishes and the loading ball keeps spinning. Loading into the game sometimes takes 2-3 attempts. We have different phones, and different phone providers. Both Android.

And again, only with this small town, but, it’s where we go most because has the most active stops and best signal strength.

Can there be a glitch or something based on area with this game? Maybe the town needs a reset?


I advise you to both contact Niantic is the issue doesn’t resolve.

I noticed " blinking" of spawns and raid Intel more than once lately. But not as bad as you experienced.


Oh do not expect a response. They often do not let you know if there is an issue and when it is resolved.


Oh, I thought this was sorta Niantic, like, they monitored it or something… bummer, will have to track down and submit a bug report there then.

It’s a very odd thing… and again, hoped when I upgraded my Samsung S5 I’d be done with it, and now have a Huawei P90 Pro and in 6 weeks had it occur twice.

Easy fix is, close the app when driving, but often I forget and leave it on the seat while I drive. Once I get to a stop, it’s too late to just close and re-open. 9/10 times it’s fine, but when it isn’t, it’s a paint to quit, force stop, delete cache, delete data, reboot, relaunch the app and wait for it to download the files again.


Sent to Niantic… hopefully gets a reset or something. 2nd last community day was a mess here as well. For the first hour, the Pokemon would pop up for 2seconds, then vanish. 3 of us in town had the same issue. Couldn’t catch anything then almost exactly 1 hour after the event started, it worked fine.


No we are not Niantic.
Yes Niantic does read but there is nothing to say how much they read.
Yes, we are a helpdesk, but Niantic does not resolve personal or local issues mentioned here.
Yes, there is contact between one or more representatives from The Hub. They of course will report issues, bugs and ideas, but not daily/weekly.


What happens if you leave the app running, but turn the screen off?


Well Niantic replied back… few replies of which were kinda pointless. Kept saying a connection/signal strength issue despite my saying in every response that I’m 1/4km from the cell tower and 5 full bars signal strength. Finally they passed it up the chain and said someone may have a look at it and that was about it.


Yes, they are very nice and helpfull when they answer… :japanese_ogre: