Bug Out! Event: April 2nd-9th, Bug-types Galore! | Pokemon GO Hub


Shiny Scyther and Nincada is back.


So far the bug type has not completely overwhelmed the spawns, still able to see other spawns that appeared regularly


Pre-Bug Event for the last 2 weeks I’ve been regularly catching Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple in my office.
Since the start of the Bug Event my normal spawn rate in my office has dropped and I’ve seen a total of 3 Wurmple and 2 Spinarak in 5 1/2hrs.
Pre event I would have 15-20 Bugs by now.
What has really amazed is I’ve caught a Cranidos and Snorlax in my office today. I haven’t seen a Snorlax spawn here in at least 18months. It’s my second Cranidos at work.


Yep - for the first few hours I saw only a couple of wurmple and mainly weather related spawns. Have to say I’m not overly impressed thus far.
And haven’t seen anyone who has caught a shiny Scyther on any of my socials…


It’s only been half a day, but I had hoped for more Combee. Haven’t seen one for this event yet. Tons of Kricketot, Caterpie, Venonat, Wurmple, Weedle, Ledyba, Spinirak, Surskit, Illumise and Paras here so far. A sprinkling of Pinsir too.

… it’s also raining Yanma. lol


I have noticed a rather mediocre bug-rate, too, but it might depend on the weather. I got the Scyther quest once so far and I wasn’t able to complete it yet, because I’m lacking the bug Pokémon… :rofl:
I told myself I wouldn’t go after shinies this time… guess Niantic decided “You will!” and gave me a shiny Pineco just 10 minutes ago on my lunch break… :star_struck:

At least I also found the Nincada quest and finally got myself a Nincada. Mission accomplished, event goal achieved.


The bugs have shown up more in force here on the next day. I’m seeing Scyther everywhere now.


So many bug pokemon, I already caught my favourite bug type, kadabra.


Yeah, Scyther spawn is increased today


Big spawns have definitely gone down in my area, I’m seeing an increase of bidoofs, tauros and starly (granted I am seeing more Surskit than normal)


It’s more of a Grass event in my office today.




Second one of these during event is a keeper.


I need one more, but 3 hours of searching is not making me hopeful.


It looks like the Nincada quest is a bit easier to find this time than when Nincada was released. I have got two so far.


I want a few extra. At least one more for evolution. (Yes I’m a PokéHorder)


Or maybe you can raid Ninjask with others so you don’t need to evolve your Nincada


I encountered a raidparty here just 3 times, 2 times I was late for that. Might find my self lucky but not this weekend. Shoveling my mom’s garden empty and going for a day out with my workmates will eat up most of the weekend.


Ok lets update the successful Bug event so far:
0 Shiny Pincoe
0 Shiny Caterpie
0 Shiny Scyther
0 Shiny anything
Pretty much going like every other weekly event really.
Only highlights are a 98% and 96% Nincada and a 100% Pinsir today from the end of a 90min session of Lures. Previously thought it was at a Gym I did a Raid but further checking location it couldn’t be.


somewhat crappy event and still pretty succesfull here.
I got no event related shinies. But i did get a shiny magnemite after a unsuccesfull 3 hour shiny run last saturday with at home late at night while going to the bathroom.
My girfriend got a shiny Pineco after a 2 hour unsuccesfull shiny run sunday while we parked the car at home.
She also got a shiny scyther last night while we were driving to a raid, which she got out of a quest i picked up for her after work.