Bug Event Only good Shiny's needed


Tommorow if there’s no shiny scyther
And gave stupid shinys like weedle or any other dumb pokemons or dull Shiny’s
I’ll stop playing the game :roll_eyes:
I’ll let all friends in every group too quit the game


We as Pokemon go players are spoiled for all the shinies in my opinion

But it gives the opportunity to hunt for older ones


Im gonna be dissapointed if its Scyther instead of Weedle.
This game NEEDS shiny Weedle.


Indeed. Weedle is fun hunting on as it’s everywhere. I myself do also hope for Shiny Skorupi, it looks awesome. Scyther, hmm, not really interested in but a Shiny is a Shiny.


Let it rain…


A Shiny is a Shiny. I don’t care which Shiny it is, honestly.

Don’t be so entitled. It’s just a game.


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