Buddy problems with event (bacon meme)



What happened to hatching buddy candy 4x quicker no difference bacon still at 5km


Bacon at 5km? Sounds good :yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just walk the Pokemon, its fine


Not really I have not much time to wal. 1.4 or what ever is so much easier for i sea bacon twice wild


If you dont want to walk, why would the quarter distance not working properly be a priblem? And it does work


Working for me…the bar isn’t working, but my metang has dropped several candies since the event started


My Lotad just switched to 0.75km per candy in the last hour but it gave me the extra candy I would have had since the event started.


you see wild bacon? i only see bacon at the grocery store. i wouldnt eat that bacon


The only wild bacon I killed and ate wasn’t very tasty. Kind of greasy. Store bought bacon is better


OMG @bobbyjack8 , @Jormdeworm and @Stridey10 I am laughing so hard right now. I really want bacon every 5km and @bobbyjack8 store-bought sounds verrrry good tommorow for breakfast.


I always see bacon in the supermarkets. Never found a wild bacon though :upside_down_face:

But now on topic: If I’m right, it’s fixed now.


Yes my bacon is gaining candy at 1.25 KM


Right now my buddy is Lotad but all Rare Candy goes to Bacon because he is next buddy


Ewww candy in bacon??


Yes. Just evolved Ludicolo, so now Bacon is my buddy.


Why are you guys talking about bacon, why would you walk bacon?


Because of autocorrect


Yes and now for fun


I keep hatching a Bacon out of my eggs😉


Why can’t we just but Bacon via the Shop? I mean, lots of stores sell Bacon.