Buddy Aventure Discussion


Reached the ‘ultra buddy’ phase and received a little green pouch containing… a marble… huh!?! :thinking::man_shrugging:


I got a Marble, too. Not sure why I should want to have that, though.


Any chance that it will turn out to be something useful, like a new kind of evolution item for some future generation?


Tried to make another go at this buddy adventure stuff. Noticed a few more things that might be worthwhile, but several more things that make it more bother than it’s worth. I’m still strongly inclined not to deal with it.

Top of the list is that I don’t like using AR, let alone several times a day. And no way am I going to add visiting a new stop or gym to my daily duties.


I received some flowers from my buddy as souvenir, not sure what it could do since it’s not in my item storage at all.


Mine gave me Magic Mushies :flushed:


I got magic mushrooms too. Maybe one day I’ll take a trip with my buddy.


Today’s useless item into the collection


I’m not interested in getting souvenirs to be honest. Maybe they will turn out useful some day. In Let’s Go the buddy Pokémon sometimes finds strange items like a single earring, some flowers etc, too, but in Let’s Go we can at least sell those items… even if it’s for a very low price.
I don’t mind recieving the presents though. It’s only some berries, revives etc., but these at least have a use.

I try to level my most important battle Pokémon up to best buddy, but I won’t rush it, and I’m definitely not buying Poffins… (they should be obtainable in other ways than only from the shop… at least put them in field research…)


I actually feel bad that I have to switch out my buddy today because I finally have enough candy to evolve him all the way. But it’s time to start new buddy.


Just got to Great Buddies with my 2nd Buddy and he already gave me a present.