Brandon Tan account Suspension


30 days beats 90!



had to get it right!


Surprising to see Niantic suspend someone who spends thousands of dollars on a weekly basis, but 30 days is not enough


No favourtism. You best offer 1Million dollars to be able to do whatever you want.


Glad Niantic doesnt work lile that


Plenty of stuff in the updated TOS that could be a reason for him being banned. Found this;


Glad that as* got banned.

Whoever spent 500 $ to him for a mewtwo should go to jail.


Good thing I don’t have $500 to spend :joy:




I don’t know about this


i he back or still gone?


If you did, would you really pay him to catch Pokémon for you?


I had to log on to a friend’s phone to catch Celebi (my phone wouldn’t let AR work!) and he’s accidentally logged on as me several times and has even caught Pokemon.

Scares me every time it happens that I’m going to end up banned! lol


Yeah, that’s not cool.


Right? I always text him when I notice it. “Dude! I was just on and you logged on too! DELETE my account from your phone!”

Once he was in L.A. … I live in San Diego and also logged on. For those not familiar, that’s two hours up the coast from me. :confused:

Want to see a grown man cry? Get my Pokemon Go account banned. lol


I’ve put way to much work into it. Just me, no help. I’ve helped my kids a lot on thier accounts, but if mine got banned, I’d quit this game.


Same. I’d be done.


I recently got an email from Google (yes, from Google, not a spam mail) that told me that my Google+ account doesn’t exist anymore after April 2nd, 2019. I got it on the gmail account I use for Pokémon GO. For a while I thought that after April 2nd I couldn’t play the game anymore. Fortunately, @MrHeineken88 showed me some articles that explained what the email actually meant, and that I will still be able to play the game after April 2nd.

If it really was the case that I couldn’t play the game on my own account anymore, I wouldn’t have made a second account. I just love the account I currently have, if I lose it then I’d be done too…

I know the feeling.


My wife is jealous of the time I spend playing this game and not with her. Guess good luck for her, I’m not a gamer who spends hours on Xbox or PlayStation.


Encourage her to come play with you. My husband and I both play together.