Brandon Tan account Suspension


I’ve tried. She even came out with me for gym battles when we were supposed to be on date night. Me and Red player took down gym at same time, so I put wheedle in to be nice. We pulled up next to his truck and we laughed at each other. I thought that would be enough for my wife to join this game, but no. She still thinks it’s stupid and doesn’t join us when me and kids watch cartoon.


My ex-wife hated Pokemon and everything about it while we were married. After we divorced, she started playing. One day, out of the blue, she texts me and says “You know … I get the obsession and fascination now” … lol


Probably not… Would rather spend it to something more important like buying a new phone to play PoGo on it :grin:


I also got plenty of those notifications as I am admin to a G Suite account. Yes that was correct, it was only saying that Google is stopping some Google+ features but your email service (and your Google account) will still continue to function as it is.

If it is the main account that will get deleted, then that’s the time you will lose connection to your PoGo account, unless you link another login like Facebook. That happens to our previous account, so we have an orphaned PoGo account, although the same email (ex: [email protected]) was recreated, the link had been broken and Niantic is not helpful with that, although I firmly believe they can do something about it on their end just to give you renewed access, but they don’t do it, I hope just for now and eventually will do it in the future.


Guys, he got his acct back three days after mewtwo raids ended


Now he will give people kyogre and Groudon…


My phone has no AR, but I caught the Celebi without it… why do you think you need it?


Go kept forcing me to use it. It didn’t even have an option to turn it off this time. It’s the first (and only) time it’s ever happened.


Myone as well, but I ignored it and with the first ball on it’s way the Celebi appeared on the screen and from there everything normal and I caught it.


Mine wouldn’t do that. I kept chucking balls at it to no avail. :smiley:


So I’m the Luckyone… :innocent::innocent:


I had my son catch Mew and Celebi for me because he is so much better skilled than me.


Mine, too, @VanHooIII. It tried to force me to use AR for Mew; but I switched it off and caught Mew without it. It forced me on Celebi and there was no option to switch it off.