Bragging Rights - Show us your lowest cp to highest cp team


I know i dont have the highest but im doing all on my own. Ill show you my team im using in raids. Lvl 1 and lvl 2. For lvl 5 i dont join in unless i see 30 or more people going at lvl 5 raids. Then i join in.



30 people can’t join a raid, but I understand where you are coming from.


How do you think i got my two shiny articunos? People joined in a raid.


I know, of course, but only 20 people joined a raid I am saying.


Nice “humble brag”.


But i wasnt saying. 30. There was 30 or more ppl in different raid. Im not great in my grammar which idgfa. Grammar is not my spice of life. I hate grammar. Long you understand what i say or type. Shouldnt be a problem at all.




Dude you need to chill