Box Sale Analysis: Third Anniversary Celebration | Pokemon GO Hub



Do you guys buy these boxes ?


I would if I had any coins left after the last event Boxes


I’ve never bought a box, but I might start since I finally maxed out item and Pokémon storage.


I might buy an adventure box before my trip to Japan.
Bought it before. But first I need to get my storages to the max. Pokemon: 1750. Items: 1950. Coins needed: 1100. Got a 100 now, will get 50 today so after today I need just 950. That will be in before the end of the month.

I do some questionnaires for Google and it gets some money in my Google-play wallet. I think I have about 150 coins(converted) in less then a week.

Today I’m visiting some spots that might get me a new questionnaire.


Time to get working on those questionnaries.


I got 1-2 boxes a month


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