Both Chansey and Blissey's Models Were completely changed, along with a change to their shiny form!



OCTOBER CD??? maybe, we do not know…


Just FYI that guy has been wrong as many times as hes right. I wouldnt call him a reliable source…


Please no, I need Gastly


Lol :joy::joy: He looks true…


I’d love to see Chansey. I never get them from eggs or see in the wild. Gastly is very common.


You do not have Bliss Eater?


I only have 1. :disappointed_relieved:


I have 3 but transfered 2 I think :sweat_smile:. 2 were caught near my house, one was caught while looking at your profile, and the other two were evolved.


You transfer everything, even good Pokemon. That’s why you don’t have any problems with storage.


I transfer what I do not need. For example, I only need 3 blissey because I rarely defend gyms.


Why don’t you save them for trading? I need them.


I can’t really trade :star_struck:. You guys are the only pokemon go players I know besides my cousins who dont play unless they are with me :sweat_smile:.


Maybe Niantic gives us international trading.


I NEED THAT!!! I already sent email…


But they didn’t reply to you. Maybe they plan it in the future but they don’t want to tell anything yet.


But Shadow Claw Gengar buddy
What could Bliss get?


Superpower :joy: Just kidding :+1:


Whatever she gets, I don’t mind. I have a shadow claw Gengar. I’d prefer it for the Research. Shiny Gengar is barely any different.


:+1:. But many do not have Shadow Claw… is it good, @Branebs or @Necrozmadabest


It’s the best move for Gengar.