Battledex - Mewtwo



Is this good I need to know


I will use this bad boy against it😁


I dont have one with shadow claw, you?


Psycho cut + Focus blast = Gym sweeper


Better dodge before firing Shadow Ball maybe one time only.


@5GodLink, so you like to use Psycho Cut over Confusion as fast move for gym sweeping??


yup gathers energy quickly


@5GodLink, I have two 82% level 20 Mewtwo with 14 attack, one with Confusion and Psychic and another with Psycho Cut and Hyper Beam, I am thinking whether I should change the Hyper Beam one to Shadow Ball before Sept. 20, what do you think?


All the Families good MewTwo were changed to Shadow Ball shortly after catching.
I have no Gengar with Shadow Claw. I was way too late to the Gengar party. I should have been Raiding them a lot earlier than I did.


i dont use shadow ball, i use focus blast mostly.


Its Ghost supremacy wont last too long, thankfully, as Giratina-O is on its way, along with potential Shadow Claw Gengar comeback next CD, and Chandelure’s brutal power yet somehow decent bulk will cement him once and for all in the ghost department


All your usable Mewtwo have Focus Blast, no Shadow Ball?


I believe SC was removed before raids were introduced, I might be wrong on this one tho


i have about 3 with shadow ball but mainly all have focus blast


But you would still use Shadow Ball Mewtwo to counter Mewtwo raid boss, right?

Focus Blast is mainly gym sweeping, watching the ball from Focus Blast to hit the defender feels so good!


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