Battle showdown event shiny stats



Below are my capture rates for the newest shinies in the game, Meditite and Makuhita.
Screenshots were taken a few hours after the event started but since they start at 10PM for me i didn’t catch many since the start (around 5 each).

Let see how many i’ll catch in 2 weeks and if i can get a shiny (knowing my luck i won’t so more fun to keep track of start-end).

Post yours so you can keep track aswell!



The shinies are hard to get


Well, my mother got a Shiny makuhita yesterday. Her first makuhita or meditite That day.



I don’t know if it’s only a feeling, but my Pokedex says I have seen now 137 Meditite and caught 96.This are 27 more seen since the beginning of this event, but I have the feeling that I have seen at least 50… Maybe there’s a bug in this counting? Or is it a fault in my apreciation?


it must be your own speculation that is off, pokedex counting has never failed me and this is the first i’ve heard about i.

i’ve had a discussion with a fellow raider who was bummed he only caught around 20% of all his rayquaz.
I told him to check his pokedex: he was at just under 50 caught of the 95 he played (that was with 1 week left of rayquaza…). I told him to go jump in the pond where we were :smile:

also, during these event i never throw away the possible shiny pokemon. This way i keep track of the number i caught in a backup way. (i’m still filtering my wailmers to delete)


So it has to be me… these days I see so many Meditites and Makuhitas… it’s posible that I only feel as if they had to be in the hundreds.


that’s the sole reason i made this topic. Because we all feel like it has been 300 catches and no shiny, while in reality it’s way less.


My 95th Makuhita was a shiny.


I always have that feeling too😄


Okay, event has ended and I have 1 shiny meditite, caught it after 3 days.
I only checked 530 Makuhita but got none of those shiny.

I’m too bummed atm too post my screenshots of my pokedex but will do it tomorrow or so.
1 shiny after a ~1000 checks. I’m glad CD’s go better.


I got one of both. Just evolved them both. Laughed about shiny Hariyama’s CP. 36CP🤣 Level 1.

But unfortunately I never got shinies outside of events😕


I had publicated in the beginning, and now the result:
Seen Meditine 110 to 218
Caught Meditine 80 to 157

Seen Makuhita 45 to 135
Caught Makuhita 39 to 110

No Shinies at all in 77 Meditites caught, no Shinies at all in 71 Makuhitas caught


So during the event I got two shiny meditite, zero shiny makuhita, and two shiny Murkrow… did I mention I had a shiny murkrow before the event too…


Okay, so after hearing in my community that i’m definately not the only one with bad luck during this event i’m a little less pissed off…

final results:
shiny meditite after 62 checks:

no shinies for the remaining 342 checks ( i admit checking a bit less since i had 1 and wanted Makuhita more)

No shiny Makuhita after 521 checks.

I could have checked more but during a 4 day long weekend i could barely play which could have resulted in more succes.


I got one meditite after 60 checks, my mom got makuhita in 1 check


No shinies on either one yet…


i had 18 seen before event