Ball Types in Internet


Look what I found by casuality…
Not that I think it’s for Pokemon Go, put I love the ideas of some people.


What I’m really searching for, are a site with images of all Pokemon, male, female, shinys, whatever, and not too little.

If somebody has seen something like this, please give me a link. Thanks in advance


boi, these arent “people’s ideas”, these are actual Pokéballs


Hey, @Necrozmadabest, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Many thanks, when my work is done I will mention your help… :smiley:


no problem


See if the links help your analysis.émon_by_gender_ratioémon_by_base_statsémon_by_Ability
You may find out all abilities, gender ratio, base stats and the evolution lines of Pokemon.
I wonder what kind of analysis you’re trying to make. Maybe I can give you a hand.


Many thanks, I will go for them later this morning.

Shows nicer artworks, megas and alolans as well


Thanks, but still the same problem… they don’t distinguish in the genders, not even in the obviously different as Venusaur or Pikachu. They talk about it, but the images are at least very liitle in comparison with the primary