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I lost my old phone down a well just got a new one what did I miss and to everyone on friend list I will start sending gifts again today sorry I have not had a phone


Sorry to see you have no interpunction aswell.

All jokes aside, welcome back, you missed nothing important.
Most important thing to know is Shiny articuno raids are coming for 3 hours next saturday.


You may have missed:

  • Corsola (48hrs) & Roselia (a week?) appear more frequently in Europe.

  • Shiny Roselia is now in the game.

  • Shiny Articuno will be available via Raids (a 3-hour window) on the 7th of July.

  • All the global researches that give worldwide bonuses, have been completed. If I’m right, we see the bonuses next week.

  • Squirtle with sunglasses (ask somebody else for more info).

  • Snorlax is in July’s Breakthrough Box.

  • A new event will start in Japan on July 26th.

  • Gifts have been nerfed.

  • You have just made the biggest topic on the forum (except for General Discussion).

I hope this was enough info for you😉


Thanks for the info


What dose interpunction mean


interpunction: the use of points (.) and comma’s (,) to make your text readable.

You managed to cram 7 sentences in 1,5 line of text which made it hard to read.
We know what you meant so no worries.




Lol I’m gonna try it.

Hi punica how is the Netherlands you are probably sleeping as I’m typing this but doesn’t matter how is your day how is your dog how is your pet do you play Pokemon go all day I do.


Wait a minute… how did this happen??