August 2019 Community Day


From twitter, CD for August 3 from 4-7pm will feature Ralts. Special move announcement still pending, though.


We shouldn’t be waiting long for the move revelations: Community Day is next Saturday. What I’m really curious about is will we get another Sinnoh Stone promotion. I’m fine, but I can’t speak for anyone else.


Does Ralts still have an evolution in the original series that has yet to be added to Pokémon Go?


Glad it’s Ralts. This one will be even worse than last one, because there are even less spawn points here where I am now. Although… Ralts has another evolve in Sinnoh😔


Nope. We’re safe from here on out that we can tell.


I’m happy about Ralts being the CD mon, very sad about the day though, I won’t be able to do most of it since I’ll be flying back from my honeymoon


I won’t be able to do of this one as I have a must attend family day.


I’m fine with the amount of Sinnoh Stones I have, recently I had to delete 30+ to make room in my item storage. I’m more interested to see what move Gardevoir and Gallade will get, maybe synchronize? Hopefully it will be a charge move


Many of us have been waiting for Ralts, and I’m looking forward, not matter what move it will get :smiley:
I am quite sure, they will give us a way to earn some more Sinnoh Stones that day, maybe not 10 as with Swinub (was it 10? I think so), but maybe 5, because only one of the possible evolutions needs it.

I really need to clean out my storage though… I was able to free about 70 spaces for Mudkip CD, which worked OK when appraising and purging from time to time… But with all the shinies it get’s harder every month, and I can’t just delete them…


Yeah I started deleting shines last year. Most are not needed unless you’re a prolific trader. I only keep two of each type since I don’t have anyone to actually trade with. For CD shiny I will evolve up my highest IV one so it has the special move (for myself to collect) and then evolve up the fattest CP one ignoring IV’s for possible lucky trades in the future where it has the CD move too. Doing this saves up so much space from CDs since I normally come out of it with just three max evolved Pk for my storage. Best IV overall with the special move, best IV shiny with the special move and then the highest CP with a special move. Simple and fast.


Oh, I regularly come across players from my friend list who weren’t able to play a certain Community Day, and I like being able to make them happy by trading them what they missed. Many of them are collectors like me and want all evolution stages in shiny, they don’t even care about lucky or good IVs then… They are always glad when I have some unevolved spares. It’s hard to find the right balance of what to keep and what to transfer. I think I have only ever transferred one shiny and that was a Bagon with a two digit CP value… I’d probably be fine already if I restricted myself to no more than 5 unevolved ones… :broken_heart::sob:


YAY RALTS!I love Ralts!!:heart_eyes:


Oh, yeah. Forgot about Gallade, male counterpart of Gardevoir. Thanks for reminding me.


Hi guys. I’m back. Sorry for being gone.

My special move theories are Future Sight for Gardevoir and an elemental punch for Gallade.


Gallade can’t learn the Elemental Punches in the core games, so I doubt that will be a choice. Focus Blast is my current reigning pick. Heck, it could be where both learn Future Sight. [shrug.]


It’s Synchronoise, for both Gallade and Gardevoir.

Since this move hasn’t been activated, we don’t know the stats of it just yet. I imagine they will be showing up over the next 24 hours.