Articuno Day? Let’s discuss! Was it any great?


This picture says it all. I guess (& hope) Niantic will do the same for Zapdos & Moltres. What do you think (about this)?


the last few lines for those curious but too lazy to jump on the game.


I’m honestly fine with this but it isn’t overly useful to me as legendary raids are somewhat difficult in this area.


Well, we had Articuno in the Field Research, and now they offer it again in Raids?
I don’t like it, there are enough other things they could offer.


A 3 hour shot at a shiny anything is somewhat worthwhile or at least a bit interesting to me. At least articuno has some meta value given all the dragon types that are in future gens.

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When the times are published (assuming we unlock it) you could plan to travel to a larger city near you for those 3 hours.


So sad it’s only in Germany :de:


It’s unlocked by the event in Germany, but Articuno will be released worldwide.


I’m just unsure with the timings, only 3 hours?


Ill gladly take it


I actually never thought of that but I might try to do that


I HATE this event
I cant do anything


Can you not log in to the game


I can but its a raid event


There’s XP boost at least. Besides that I’m in the same position.


Im already level 33 no need to level up Imo


I’m hoping that the XP boost for this event will be enough for me to hit level 37


Hoping the week full of XP will be enough to blast some of us up to level 40
Besides, I cant wait for a shiny Articuno myself and will definetly put up some lucky eggs to gain even more XP


So this is basically an Articuno Community Day?