Are there any world wide trackers?


I dont have any trackers supporting my town, and the one in the city next to me stopped working. Are there any worldwide trackers? And can you get banned for using them?


All trackers are down atm because of some changes Niantic made to the API back in March. To answer you, Pokehuntr worked on a worldwide scale but i personally never liked using it.


Unfortunately all trackers are down. Fortunately they took some of the bots with them.

There is no way to get banned for using an online tracker.


You can get banned IF AND ONLY IF: you directly link your PoGo account to a nearby scanner…which still work, as there are ways to hack into the system’s client server…unfortunately, thats pretty easy to detect, so you would most likely get banned…Better to be safe than sorry


Yeah there are scanner networks still up on routed virtual systems I myself can mimic a scanner an deploy accounts about 1mile apart in my small area and see what is spawned in my sourrandings before walking out to hand capture them.


I know someone who has a second account which they spoof on to there nearby town to see if there are raids and go and do them on main account not spoofing


That’s actually a good idea, as long as they don’t mess around with gyms, or catch anything. Spoofing around, to see where raids are.

It will stop being fine for me, when niantic add a way to see raids from afar.


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