Anyone kind enough to enumerate what Types week has come out?


Hi guys, as someone who returned to Pokemon go just a few months ago, I can’t help but think I might have missed a lot of stuffs. The most interesting event for me is the “Types week”. So I attended the Fighting Week I think it was late February or early March? Then Grass week just a few weeks ago. And now, Bug week. Might have missed a few but does anyone know what Types week has come out and has yet to come?


We had a water event and I think that’s about it you named most of them and legendary lunch hour is new in the Sinnoh evolutions that’s about it you really didn’t miss much with the next Community Day you got lucky and joined at the right time


Oh wow thanks. Wish bug week was the first one and I missed that one instead but at least its just one type.


Adventure week with Rock-typed Pokémon and Ground-types as a reward for the upcoming Earth Day. Also Halloween featured Dark- and Ghost-types and the Christmas event featured Ice-type Pokémon. I can also remember the Solstice event featured Ice- and Fire-type Pokémon. And last year had a Psychic event.

Types that haven’t had a special event (yet) are:

  • Dragon
  • Ground
  • Fairy
  • Normal
  • Electric
  • Steel
  • Poison
  • Flying


Ground is getting Earth Day


Flying=Pidgey plague



Good thing Pidgey’s Shiny’s released.


Dragon is probably going to be put towards the very end until a lot more Dragons come out, at least when Gen 5 is around since it’s such a Dragon-heavy generation in comparison.