Anyone else having issues with app


My app keeps turning off and I have to open it back up.
I am on a Iphone

this happened probalby 15 times yesterday and 3 times already today


Which iPhone? Didnt you mistake it with the battery saver by any chance? (screen goes black if the phone things youve put it down, can become a bit weird after you do it like twice or thrice


I am having issues also


Iphone 8 and nope not mistaking it.
I was in the app trying to catch stuff or spinning a stop when it would just close and then I had to try and reopen with it only succesful after 3 or 4 attempts


I’m having the same issue on my iPhone 7 Plus


Samsung Galaxy S7,no problems


I have the same problem sometimes as well. I use an iPhone 8.
Version 1.93.1


Which version?


I was having this problem with my Galaxy J-3 Luna Pro had to reinstall the game three times to make it stop


The app shuts off numerous times a day since the fitness counting thing started. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.


Ram refresh.


that happened to me three times in 10 minutes


Pocophone F1 here, no problems (other than my standard GPS issues when Im inside)


After switching between apps? Then it closes sometimes for me.
I get it sometimes when im scrollig down my friends list aswell.

Pretty much what @5GodLink said. Not enough RAM memory to handle everything.


When I open the app it won’t load the streets and pokemon and pokestops.


Mine has gone into thinking mode, where it’s spinning. I use a Samsung 8s. Sometimes waiting out the spinning helps but mostly I have to shut down the game and start it up again…


Sounds like everyone is having same problems since Adventure sync was added. I’m sure they will fix it. But at least my eggs hatch faster.


Yup, there’s always an upside…


I also had the problem before the Adventure sync. The Adventure sync did cause a lot of bugs though.


No problem here, using Huawei P9 Lite, I have installed the GoogleFit and activated it in PoGo, everything fine.I’m using version 0.125.2 for Android