Anyone 0% IV Pokemon?


It was fantastic


That’s cool dude I’m hoping to go next year


Caught during the CD.


Yep confirmed

Checked it


Got more but couldn’t find it quickly



Is there a search for 0% like you can for 100%?


No, the lowest is 0* for the 0-49 range.


Found this in the collection of catches today.


In case anybody was wondering how to make a Gligar more profoundly useless than it already is just by being a Gligar.

On the other hand, having a null IV might impart some novelty value to it. But is one of those things useful for anything other than being a dex entry and 100 stardust?


Makes excellent bragging fuel


Bragging? As in “my pokemon is crappier than anybody else’s”?


As told in other moments, in pure statistical words, a 0 IV is more rare than a 100 IV.

Both can be found in the wild, but the 0 can never appear in a raid or an egg.


Sure. But if that’s all there is, then it implies that rarity for the sake of rarity alone is worthwhile. It makes me grimace the way it does to hear somebody say their goal in life is “progress” or “to make a difference in the world” – neither makes any distinction between positive and negative.

Collecting the best of the best has worth to me. Collecting the worst of the worst, not so much. Just like I can admire somebody who makes a positive difference, but not somebody who makes a negative difference.

Already way too philosophical, though (which almost certainly makes a negative difference… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Entschuldigen sie bitte.)


Hihi, have you ever tried to understand why people collect things? In stamps for example often it’s the “I want the rarest”, in Pokémon I’ve heard the “I want them all” or “I want the strongest”.
But all this are acceptable.


I used to collect 0% IV’s until the new Appraisal came out. I now transfer all 0* Pokémon without even checking the IV.


[full answer is overkill. let’s just say if you knew me at all you’d know how ironic your question was.]

The limited pokemon storage space requires great restraint of the collector’s instinct, a conscious prioritization of goals, and a pretty strong discipline on following those priorities.


Of course, we all get to manage our own storage and not each other’s, so collect whatever ones you want within the limited space you have. And brag on the things you think are brag-worthy. That’s one of the great things about the way this game works.


Once back home (in october) I will send you some pictures of my collection…

But really the space limitation in this game is more important than my collector feelings.