Anyone 0% IV Pokemon?


Regular wild catches only make 1/4th of your total?


No I meant that 0% is way more rare than 100% Pokemon. Eggs or catches weren’t specified. As far as I can remember I had one 100% breakthrough and on 100% egg. 0% Pokemon are all caught.


Yes, I know
But if they were 3* as rare, then unboosted wild catches would have to make only 25% of everything you ever catch


I probably have but I wouldn’t have known. I don’t check anything unless I know there’s a chance at 96% or better. lol



I do check each and everyone since I always have problem with space, so as to send to the Prof anything not Strong or Amazing. Amazing then got checked for IV, Strong got traded for possible Lucky, anything less is grinned for candies.

If bag space permits, like a new upgrade was purchased, 50 mons get stacked for further analysis. if only having less than 10 spaces, every catches got checked immediately and filtered.


Sounds like a very sensible strategy for storage space management, @HLAJR . It also helps explain how you have such an impressively large Lucky collection.

Running Poke Genie or Calcy IV alongside the game all the time burns my phone’s battery too quickly, so I check IV in batches. The appraise function takes so much time, though, that I miss a lot of spawns if I do it after every catch. So I make some preemptive transfers to the professor of those mons that are so low in CP as to require too much stardust to power up, even if their IV is spectacular.


Yes, that is a good filtration too, the CP thing…

I just appraise it too, no Poke Genie outright, only after at home with Charger and WiFi on, as you can see on most of my screenshots… I do the sorting and weeding at home always.


That is a pretty smart way to do things I think I might have to do that most of the time I just checked when I’m at work and even then only checked about 1/4 of what I catch for the day so many go unchecked


I discovered I had a 0 swinub that I caught a few days ago ( after the community day)


I only checked this in case it was a hundo, and instead it turned out to be a zero: :roll_eyes:


With time I have caught 5 of them, and I value them as high as the 100% (as collector, not for other purposes)


I only have a 0% Bagon (from before its Community Day).


My roommate has a 0% Venonat. I feel like that’s rarer than a 100% Pokemon. lol


It should be rarer, yes, because you can only get 0% IV Pokémon in the wild.



Thats a lot


I wanted 100% IV :unamused:


He might have crushed the 1 and 0 during his fall to sleep, thereby 0% had been left, instead of the full 100% :grin:



Congrats @Thorend look like gofest was good to you