Anyone 0% IV Pokemon?



I caught two 0% IV Pokemon today. I wish they were 100% IV :expressionless:


Finally got my first 0% IV Pokémon.


I caught a 0% Squirtle once, but I threw it out because I only keep the best.


I think 0% are special, so I just keep them.


They are rarer then the 100 IV’s, I got today a 0% Drowsee.


That’s a fair point, I know, but that’s not my gig. I even had a Shiny Level 1 Pokemon before, and those are very rare as well. I traded it to someone who collects those, because that’s her gig. It’s just not mine.


Got 1 O% and I think 5 100%.


I don’t know what I’ve collected more. I started checking for 0% IV Pokémon maybe a week or two ago.


I got two 0% IV Pokemon in one day. Lucky me :unamused:


Really there are 0% IVs? I thought you were just joking when I first see the thread’s title… :joy:


I’ve seen 0 IV only a couple of times (I recall one was an Eevee).

I can’t show them here, because each was sent immediately to the professor for a candy (and to free up space in my Pokemon storage).


0,0,0 Pokémon are just as uncommon as 15,15,15 (perfect IV). I has a zero Pikachu, it will always stay in my collection.


I caught a few from time to time, but I immediately dispose of them.


I’m not sure about that, because you can’t get a 0% from Research Breakthrough, Field Research, Special Research, Eggs, Traded Pokémon that have become Lucky and Raids. But you can get 100% IV Pokémon from the options that I’ve mentioned. I guess 0% IV are rarer, but in the wild, I think they are as rare.


With regular spawns, no weather boost, they are just as rare


Any n-n-n IVs are equally as rare
And overall, 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3 and 4-4-4 are just as rare as 0%


I wonder… How many people have the time to check the IV of EVERY Pokemon they capture? I know I tend to view very-low-CP captures as not worth the bother to check, considering that even a high-IV mon with very low CP would consume more stardust to power up to fighting trim than it’s worth.

I suspect a lot of Pokemon with IV under 20 never get checked. So quite a few that have 0 IV are never noticed.


I do. Every single Pokémon.
0% Pokémon are at least 3 to 4 times more rare than 100%.


That gets to be a lot of overhead. Do you do so as you catch them, or keep 100 or so empty storage slots for a catch cache and then check 'em after your expedition?