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Isn’t that shiny mega






Is Charge TM the rarest item to get in game?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes but I did get 3 of them from 1 raid the other day


For those who voted NO, @bobbyjack8 @Thorend @Jormdeworm, what item do you think is the rarest to get in game?


Sinnoh stones are number one on my list, i can’t manage to get them, but i feel like evolution items are all fairly rare.


I’d say that the Evolution Items are the rarest.




Dynamic Punch. :grin:


Charge TMs (and TMs in general) got a lot less rare in July. I wonder what Niantic’s intention was behind that. Maybe something to do with reducing the number of legacy moves in circulation?


@Thorend @Jormdeworm @bobbyjack8 thank you for your clarification


If the moves are legacy, are they not in circulation?


Only for the Pokémon that already have them, in many or most cases. You can TM away from them, but not to them. (Like original Mewtwo and Shadow Ball.)


That’s why the move is called legacy, not in circulation now


We’re quibbling over the use of ‘in circulation’. Sorry but I couldn’t think of a better term – I was using it merely to say that there are Pokémon everywhere that have a legacy move. Not that the game is actively offering one.


Thank you for you clarification


What’s your favorite week? Just by description

  • Ultra Bonus Week 1
  • Ultra Bonus Week 2
  • Ultra Bonus Week 3

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Unown should be in 7km Eggs during the second bonus week too.

  • Agreed.
  • Disagreed.

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Maybe in stay in 10KM eggs so we could have a choice on which Pokemon we want, but not 7km eggs