Answer and Make Poll


I want to make one for Stanley Park, in Vancouver, BC. It has the Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park is huge, easy transit nearby, and i think it would be perfect for Grass, Water, and Ice Type Pokemon.


Your in Canada??


I thought the same thing, @Autofan1985, until I noticed that it IS in there (just worded in a way that isn’t easily recognizable – “Always all in-game sounds and music muted.”).

Having the music and sounds in the background (kind of soft) was my preference until I noticed how it sped-up the consumption of the battery.


I haven’t even the foggiest idea what this megastuff is all about, dagnabit. Looks like I’ve got another homework assignment, along with learning who this Lilliemallowlana is… :thinking:


If you were a Pokemon, would you have a:

  • Signature Z-Move
  • X and Y mega Evolution

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What is your favorite shippings (all female companions)

  • Ash and Serena
  • Ash and Misty
  • Ash and May
  • Ash and Dawn
  • Ash and Lillie
  • Ash and Mallow
  • Ash and Lana
  • Ash and Bonnie
  • Ash and Iris

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ash and bonnie all the way


Do you mean female co-star


No he probably doesn’t lol


Lol if he dose misty should win hands down


What is coming first? [global release]

  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
  • Poke stop submissions

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I might lose a few friends by saying this, but i dont like Harry Potter at all (its all psychic types lol)


What Pikachu Z-Move is better?

  • Catastropika
  • 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt

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Who looks better?

  • Dedenne
  • Pikachu

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Where do you come from?

  • Yes
  • No

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Would you rather:

  • A shuckle that lives forever in battle but deals very little damage (no fainting for shuckle ever)
  • A Mewtwo that can be killed by a single tackle at full HP but has 9999999 ATK Stat

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Which is better?

  • Kantoian Raichu
  • Alolan Raichu

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Are you excited for mossy, glacial, and magnetic modules?

  • Yes, to get leafeon
  • Yes, to get glaceon
  • Yes, to get probopass
  • yes, to get magnezone
  • yes, for other reason
  • no

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Who do you like more?

  • Glaceon
  • Leafeon

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