Answer and make poll (QUESTIONS REQUIRED)


This a topic to make polls

  • Purple and gold
  • Green and gold
  • White on white

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@cup the 2 polls you have made till Now are multiple choice, that means voters can choose multiple options, you can also create a poll where you choose only one option


Really so I can basically forced people to pick what I want


No, what @UltraInstinct841 means is you can make a single-choice poll, allowing only one option to choose


Oh I was thinking you meant I could force people to choose okay cool I’m learning did you vote every vote matters


What is your poll about?


Don’t really know I watch a lot of TV shows and most the ones that watch dudes and they’re usually have those color patterns going can’t say what kind of dudes


and how do you see who voted for what it just shows me the percentage not who voted on which one


I loved the old Answer and Make Poll. I just didn’t answer the polls I didn’t understand. When that thread started, very few questions were asked. You just picked the one you liked best and it was understood.


Well this one says no questions


Since the answer and make poll where anything Was allowed was closed beacuse polls without questions were made we could change this to questions required


Choose show who voted


Still.dont show


what picture will I use/reuse as my profile picture?
[finished working on post. You May now vote]

  • Shiny lucky ho-oh
  • Shiny Charizard in Lets go
  • Legendary pikabirds fusion

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  • Yanny
  • Laurel
  • Both
  • Neither

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What do you see

  • Blue/Black
  • White/gold
  • Other

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Oh and this dutch video explains why people see it and what it actually was


Can you please not copy my topic and just ask questions in mine???
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I really don’t want to be copied on something that can just be in my topic.


@Thorend @bagguille @PhilosophyLady


The other topic is closed.