Answer and make poll 2


Basically a remake of @Pokemon 's Answer and make poll forum thing.


This is the third time this has been made
other 2 have been closed
and this probably will too


Can you not remake my topic please
Thanks for thinking of me if u are but I want the original topic back


I just got excited for another Answer and make poll but just got dissapointed.


If the polls state what the vote is for it’s fine. If it is just a poll and people have to assume what the vote is for it’s gone.


Now am I asking for your favorite, the strongest in PvP, which is most common? You don’t know so how can anyone cast a meaniful vote.

Example 2: which is your favorite type?

Every voter knows what you want. Practical, easy, end of story


Normally when I make my polls where I just write 2 Pokemon names
I mean which do you like the most overall


And please no "Who is better or who do you like more" polls with "User A" or "User B". That ended badly last time. Lets keep it friendly here and focus on what we all like, Pokémon Go.

Do you agree with my statement?

  • Yes
  • No

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do u liek mudkipz

  • Yes
  • No

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Now that the raids became more difficult, do you think Niantic should give us Lucky Raid Pass if we don’t have a large group or we live where no one plays Pokemon GO?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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What is your favorite trio of types?

  • Grass, water, fire
  • Poison, ground, grass
  • Grass, Ice, rock
  • Electric, ground, water
  • Steel, fire, rock
  • Fighting, flying, rock
  • Rock, grass, fire
  • Ice, fighting, flying
  • Flying, rock, grass
  • Dark, fighting, psychic
  • Psychic, bug, poison
  • Ground, ice, steel
  • Fire, ice, ground
  • Bug, rock, grass

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Do you see the new update in PoGo?

  • Yes on android
  • Yes on iPhone
  • No on iphone
  • No on android

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Steel, Dragon, Fairy


@Jormdeworm can you close? Other Answer and Make Poll is back up so this is just a duplicate