Android Spoofers failing to get GPS


Many aren’t able to spoof to Different Location and Getting failed to detect location or Gps signal not found
On all Spoofing apps because of New Google play service Update :thinking:


Ok, so that puts a big limit on Android spoofers.




This is good in some ways, but I use a spoof account to check for raids. This could actually harm Niantic in some way.


Getting rid of spoofers ofc will harm niantic. No matter how much anyone wants to believe it. There are more spoofers than legits. Atleast 30 spoofers for every 1 legit. Dont @ me.


Unsupported numbers an unsupported…


Common sense isnt common. Also the wind is invisible unless you see something like a tree move right…


Where did you get those numbers from? Spoofers definetly arent more common, and it wont really hurt Niantic seeing as ithat would keep the sponsors interested and many of those who despise cheaters playing


im getting sick and tired of these spoofers ruining the game, they took there long time to release trading when it was supposed to come out a year ago


theres a spoofer that ive been dealing with i had reported him for over 1 year and half cause he wouldnt stop harrasing me and all that


Thats btw not just your numbers 5godlink, that also goes for the title.


i love how yall say my numbers are wrong yet you cant disprove it.

Just look how much people co plaine. Or look at san fransico. Spoofers are do
i ate. Legits are stuck to their cities they’ll never know


Who uses an andriod anyways lol. 80% a funny number tooo.

Since they got updated again i believe n can spoof again.


We dont need to disprove it. You make the first claim so you need to prove yours :stuck_out_tongue:


actually saying 80% got banned gotta prove that.

Im stating there more spoofers than legits. And if ban 80 it will harm go but if its andriod who cares…right??


Me saying atleast is me assuming btw. And can be more accurate than saying there is less spoofers, just by the fact how many people complaine about gyms/trade/gyms again


Not to mention spoofers dont come here to even defend anything. But off youtube alone you can tell the statistics. Fsu alone you can tell just by subscribers a small % or just check the downloads…


Even banned a popular spoofer means nothing. They get fans to give accounts. lmfao, just play the game. Hate the game not the player.


Ok, well i think we actually have had this discussion before so im gonna tap out with stating that just no way of knowing either.

However on the topic of who cares if android users get banned: You should, they kinda outnumber everything else.
And if you think getting rid of spoofers would hurt the game, imagine what would happen to it if 80% of smartphone users suddenly are gone :wink:


We have had many of these. Its just new members bringing it up again.