Alternative to maps


Since maps were shut down, what about notification based system for gyms where you have silver and above?
You could turn off a gym in gym badges section, and, if you would have push-up notifications enabled, you would get them on your phone as well


It would need a good filter… We have 80+ gyms arround wich you can raid on decently. thats alot of notifications if you cant sort by raid level… An ingame map of anything within 5km would be easier. I dont really like the ingame notifications. They mess up your game.


Maps /scanners are down but will be back up soon. This is just a patience issue. I don’t know ow that stuff works but they’ll crack the code eventually.
It sucks and we just have to wait it out untill they are up again. No need for an ingame solution.

Also, as most issues go, this solution is good/bad bepending on where you live (density of gyms). And as Rob said, it would need a filter.

Just be patient, maps will be back up soon


As Ive said, only silver gyms would send notifications, and in the ym badge selection (under your character in the menu) you could chose to turn them off


The problem is that scanners show Pokemon as well, and not just raids


To many pop ups. Scanner and trackers will be the only way to track gyms. Technically not suppose to track gyms more so gotta check it yourself.


Set notifications to level 5 raids only


Not really a point to it if you turn them off, cause then you dont know where the raids are. And you only need to do 1 raid for a silver gym badge so thats nearly all the gyms in my city already.


One raid gives bronze


Oh yeah, my bad. but still silver is easy enough to obtain. A map would be better.


Was gonna say that silver is easy but tired of being the one to point out clarity.

The radar we have is good just need more pages. I see 9+ raids but see less on the map…slight adjustments to current system will be superior to notif


The radar shows the ones you can see. If you have 10 or more, just turn your screen arround a full 360 and you will have seen them all in a few hundred meter range.


Quite sure you only see the ones closest to you, regardless of the direction you are looking in
The problem isnt seeing too many, the problem is not seeing raids far enough
Maybe make the radar display even those not on the map


On the radar map? mine doesnt change