Alolan Geodude and Diglett


Are they still spawning in the wild or was just those two days?


They are not


Alolan Diglett & Geodude were spawning more frequently everywhere during GO Fest, but they should still spawn I believe.


As there was said that all Shinies are still out, but the frequence is so small that it’s nearly imposible to find them.


Yeah but Niantic just want to make more money by this Cheap process (stopping them and storing them to release for any other event )


Forget it, they are there, only you don’t find them.


They should be still spawing but are very rare. Found an Alolan Executor this morning.
Still missing the Alolan Geodude that i couldn´t find on Sunday… neither a shiny of the 2 kids. :frowning:
The damm pikachu is showing up plenty but, no shiny yet.


The summery Pikachu can’t be encountered shiny.


Here where I live I haven’t seen either of them, I guess they are pretty rare.


Wow Niantic. 2 days to get uncommon Pokemon that still have their kantonian variants spawning more frequently than them