All pokemon damaged


When I logged in today I noticed that all of my pokemon were missing hit points. I haven’t battled in a raid in days nor have I battled at a gym recently. When I open up my items and click on a potion to use it all of my pokemon are listed for healing. Anyone know anything or have any thoughts?


It WAS because of a CP change. Those pokemon got more HP but they didnt get healed by Niantic. But its rolled back now so your pokemon are back to full health.


My Blisseys and Chanseys are missing some health but everything else healed back up


Niantic messed up and all the Pokémon with increased HP were missing some. They have since rolled back CP to the former numbers and are probably fixing the coding.


I did a Cat Raid on the way to work this morning.
All my Pokemon that fainted in the battle did not have to be revived. Only the one that didn’t faint had to be healed.
Sort of makes up for health items wasted over the last 2 days with the Raids I had to jump out of due to other accounts glitching out.


All my Chanseys and one Blissey are missing some health but everything else healed back up.


Same, only chansey and blissey in healing section, will wait until niantic finishes what they started before using potions on them


All my Pokémon CP in my Pokémon inventory are reverted back to BEFORE CP re-balance, but after I feed GRB to my Pokémon in gyms, their CP are shown as the ones AFTER CP re-balance, has anyone had the same problem?